Fight Against Dengue


According to the Ministry of Health, 253 people have tested positive for dengue since January – 21 May 2016. There has been an exponential increase in the number of confirmed cases from week 16 onwards with the peak (66) in week 19. In total 175 males and 96 females tested positive for dengue (253 cases). The age range 2 – 79 years old, with 85% of the cases being less than 40 years

Source: Disease Surveillance and Response Unit (DSRU), Epidemiology and Statistics Section 2016.

The above trend is a gross underestimation of the real situation on the ground which is much worse since, people who have suffers the milder form of the disease are not seeking medical attention. They are r infectious and therefore continue to fuel this epidemic. Two (2) subtypes (DENV1 and DENV 2) are currently circulating in Seychelles. The number of cases are still rising rapidly and has so far shown no sign of declining. For the month of May, 75 cases have been reported. Several measures have been put in place to combat this outbreak. Every region on Mahé is being affected, and more cases have been reported in the 4 districts of English River, Anse Royale Anse Etoile and Beau Vallon, with1 case in Praslin Island. Considering the fact that the majority of the population lives in the island of Mahé, vector elimination, prevention and sensitization efforts will be focused there.

How to fight against Dengue?

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