School Preparedness

DRDM is working closely with public and private schools across the country to better prepare them to respond to disasters.

It is reviewing the disaster and risk contingency plan of the Ministry of Education and also to bring the disaster and risk emergency management teams of each school closer so that they can discuss and share ideas with one another.

A one-day workshop was organised in May by the division in collaboration with the Ministry of Education to introduce the ‘Schools Emergency Preparedness and Management’.

Facilitators from the Red Cross and the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency did an introduction on disaster and disaster management, reviewed the contingency plan, introduced the emergency team, and explained evacuation drills, emergency planning, among other related topics.

Delegates learned the difference between disaster and emergency and how they combine together.

Most of the thirty six public and private schools in Seychelles have an average population of over five hundred students each and lack the human resources capacity to cater for disasters on a large scale.

The ‘Schools Emergency Preparedness and Management’ programme was first introduced to the management levels of the schools. DRDM officials visited them to assess what they have in place and how best to assist and support them.

Drill exercises are conducted at school level at least three times a year. In addition some schools especially those located near the coastal areas, were also involved in national simulation exercises such as the Indian Ocean Wave simulation which took place in September 2014.

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